Pacific International  –  JUDGING CRITERIA

The organises of this competition recognise that there are many styles of ROCK’N’ROLL dancing throughout the world, and because of this ALL styles will be judged on merit of performance by the judges to the best of their ability.
We do not believe that any one style is pertinent to the 50’s & 60’s era, therefore making this competition truly not style weighted.
The Judges will attach Prime Importance to the competitor’s ability to dance in time with the music and each other.
In all categories the entrants will be judged on Timing, Harmony and Variety.
Each Judge will award each couple a maximum of ten points for each judging Criteria.
Timing: Couples dancing in time and on beat with the music. Starts and Finishes will also be judged.
Harmony: Couples dancing together complement each other and harmoniously flow with the music. Couples should also be seen to be enjoying themselves.
Variety: A dance routine with a variety of moves showing interest and excitement. New or unusual moves will be acknowledged.
1. Entrants will be judged on Timing, Harmony and Variety. As per judging criteria.
2. The judge’s decision will be final, Judges are not to be approached prior to or during the entirety of the competition. All queries should be directed to the Floor Manager, located at the Marshalling area. All disputes over the day should be put in writing with a fee of $25 and directed to the officials before the day is complete. The fee will be refunded if the dispute is upheld.
3. Any person/s is seen to be causing trouble or inappropriate behaviour over the running of the event, that person/s will be asked to leave the venue.
4. Couples can be male/female, female/female or male/male.
5. If required the highest points awarded in all heats will qualify for quarter finals, semi-finals and finals.
6. All songs will be played in the spirit of the 40s, 50s and 60s Rock‘n’Roll or Swing/Lindy era.
7. Unless otherwise stated, there will be two songs played for each event.
8. Competitors must be registered at least 1hour prior to the event in which they are dancing.
9. There are no restrictions on dance style or type of props, drops or jumps.
10. A couple is not permitted to dance more than 2 arm lengths apart at any time. If a dancer encroaches on another competitor’s dance space and causes interference than a loss of 2 points can occur.
11. In submitting an entry for this event, competitors give permission for any photographic or video material taken to be used for promotional or sale by the organisers of this competition.
12. The Professional status rule does not apply to this competition. Amateur & Professionals can dance in this competition.
13. Code of conduct towards competitors and spectators is expected to be family orientated & sportsman like behaviour.
14. Competitors must enter the competition floor from the marshalling area. Competitors will be called to the marshalling area once only. If the competitor doesn’t appear when called, they will be struck off the list, as to keep consistent with the timing of the program and respect to your fellow competitors.
15. Competitors must remain on the floor at the end of each section until the M.C. announces “Competitors you may now leave the floor”
16. Dancers are limited to age sections (see Rule19)
17. Competitors may only enter one Jump and/or one No Jumps sections of their age category plus any of the following events: – (Open Freestyle 18yrs & Over, Traditional, Triples, Teams, Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, Social Events & International Rock’n’Roll)
18. Dress Code: Unless modified in a particular section, then these dress rules will apply
18.1 Competitors will wear Traditional Rock and Roll clothing.
18.2 The female’s dress must be a FULL CIRCLE & cover the kneecap that is, the crease at the back of the kneecap will be seen covered by the dress length. Exception to this rule in Rockabilly, where the skirt may be shorter but still in the 50/60 era.
18.3 Petticoat should be tiered, layered or frilled to enhance the fullness of the dress and must be worn whilst competing.
18.4 Competitors must wear their competition clothing when being presented with awards for placing.
18.5 The dress code will be monitored at the marshalling area.
18.6 The following items are not to be worn – Bike pants, high cut bikini pants, male or female boxer shorts, wide legged boxer shorts, mini length skirts or dresses, aerobic tights or skirts or aerobic style clothing & NO high heel shoes.
18.7 Pedal pushers & Pencil skirts are permitted in the Traditional Rock ‘n’ Roll & Rockabilly sections.
18.8 If the dress code is not adhered to, a warning will be given, then if not corrected a disqualification may result. Partners do not have to wear matching outfits.
19. Age:
19.1 All age categories must be adhered to without question, there will be no discrepancies, as this may result in disqualification.
19.2 All competitors’ ages must fall within the guidelines
19.3 A 3-year waiver on all sections will apply, e.g.: – a Junior of 15years may dance up to an 18years Senior section as long as his/her partner is of that age for that section & the Junior may also dance with another partner in his/her age section. This example also applies to Senior categories, but a Senior cannot dance in a Junior section.
19.4 Competitor’s must be of age for the events chosen by the registration closing date (13th May 2018).
19.5 Adult/Child – Junior must be 17years & under and Senior must be 18years & over with a minimum 20year age gap.
20. No Jumps (PROPS and DROPS permitted – two songs 1 slow & 1 fast)
20.1 The Rule is that dancers must keep one foot in contact with the floor during any assisted prop or drop.
20.2 The feet are only allowed to leave the floor during floor work such as shadow, mirror or in your general dance style.
20.3 Failure to comply with this rule will result in a loss of a minimum of 2 points.
20.4 If an aerial or jump is executed including any individual gymnastics, the penalty will result in
21. Teams (one song – Jumps Permitted)
21.1 Each team must have a minimum of 3 couples only.
21.2 Each team picks their own song and hands there CD or USB to the organisers the day before the event will be run (It should clearly display the Team name & track to be played. It is preferable but not mandatory that it only contains the one song).
21.3 Song choice must be of the 40s, 50s / 60s era.
21.4 Styles permitted: Rock ‘n’ Roll (4, 6 or 8 step), Rockabilly, Swing or Lindy.
21.5 All female dresses must abide to the dress code No:18 if style is Rock’n’Roll. If not adhered to, penalties of disqualification can occur. All other dance styles please see Dress code for those styles.
21.6 Team Captain is to signal when ready to start. On completion all competitors must stay on the floor until the M.C announces “Competitors you may leave the floor”. 21.7 During the team performance, couples may break apart, but at no time in this broken formation should any individual couple be more than 2 arm lengths apart from each other. If this rule is not adhered to, a penalty of disqualification can occur.
22. Triples (one song – medium – jumps permitted)
22.1 All female dresses must abide to the dress code as earlier mentioned (No pedal pushers or pencil skirts)
22.2 During performance each person in the Triples cannot be broken apart by more than 2 arm lengths from each other.
23. Rockabilly (one song- fast – dance only)
23.1 No back steps permitted.
23.2 For Rockabilly, the female skirt may be shorter than required in the Dress Code but, must still be in the 50/60 era. Pencil Skirts & Pedal Pushers may be worn in this section.
23.3 The Male must dance in an anticlockwise motion.
24. Traditional (one song – medium/fast- dance only)
24.1 This event is Dance Only, there will be no jumps, props or drops permitted.
This includes starts and finishes. If this is observed, the penalty will be disqualification.
24.2 Pedal Pushers and Pencil Skirts may be worn in this section.
25. Swing (one song – props and drops permitted)
25.1 All styles of swing are permitted. Triple Step, West Coast, East Coast, Hollywood & Swing Jive.
25.2 Dress Code: Costume related to the era.
26. Lindy Hop (one song – Jumps permitted)
26.1 Basic actions: Jitterbug, Boogie and Lindy Hop with Linear movements, (4,6 and 8 count).
26.2 Dress Code: Costume related to the era.
27. All Girls (two songs – 1 slow & 1 fast )
27.1 Jumps permitted in the Open age section only. No Jumps rule applies in the 40yrs & Over
27.2 Dress Code: Both females must wear traditional Rock ‘n’ Roll dresses as per rule18.
(No Pedal Pushers or Pencil Skirts) If not adhered to, penalties of disqualification can occur.
28. All Boys (one song – medium/fast – Jumps Permitted)
28.1 Both boys must wear trousers. The follow can wear a petticoat if so desired to add to the fun.
29. Social Events (one song – Dance only)
29.1 This section is for those couples that are relatively new to the competitive scene. If you have competed
In any of the Social sections previously & have taken 1st place, you are ineligible to compete in that same
29.2 Dress Code will depend on which Social event you are dancing in. See rules for those sections.
30. Open Freestyle (This is a Jumps Event – two songs – 1 slow & 1 fast)
30.1 This is a freestyle section. Judges are instructed to judge on props, drops, jumps and dance moves, performing a balance mixture of moves.
30.2 Dress Code: Please see Rule 18
30.3 NO Aerobatic jumps above the male’s head permitted.
31. Adult/Child (one song – medium fast – jumps permitted)
32. Jack n Jill (one song – medium fast – PROPS and DROPS permitted)
**PLEASE NOTE: INJURIES: If you have had an injury ie: Broken bones or damaged knees, shoulders ect
within the last 6months, you must provide a Medical Certificate of Clearance from your Doctor/Specialist to compete before your entry will be accepted. within the last 6 months, you must provide a Medical Certificate of Clearance from your Doctor/Specialist to compete before your entry will be accepted